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Smart Feller
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Tipping a Carpet Installer

I had new carpet installed today. It took the man 6 1/2 hours to install in my living room and on stairs. I paid a hefty amount to the carpet store for the carpet and all the extras as well as the installation. Everything thing went well until he was finished and there was this real awkward moment when he just stood there my the door for awhile. I felt really self conscious and started to wonder if I was supposed to tip him. I did not, but am wodering if I should have. Any ideas? Thanks!
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pack momma
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Why is it suddenly that everybody thinks they should be tipped for doing what they are supposed to be doing anyway???? A tip is supposed to be an extra way of showing appreciation for a job well done. Or a service offered that would not have to be. (ex. the bellperson at a hotel, you CAN carry your own bags) Not to make up for those who the govt. allowes to be underpaid (below minimum wage making them dependent on tips. not to the coffee shop where I am already paying too darn much for my daily fix. And certainly not for an installation of a job already paid for. In such instances, my hospitality is limited to a hot or cold drink depending on the weather, and this summer when I had a new roof installed, a dip in the pool after there workday was through. Interestingly, they all thought it was a cool idea and thanked me profusely, but none availed themselves of the offer.
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I feel the same way pack momma. It amazes me that questions about these type of services keep showing up.

When hubby installed bathroom and kitchen cabinets, vanities, countertops we never thought of ever receiving a tip. My gosh the money we made an hour more than covered a tip.

I understand why food service folks get tipped. But when did high end wage earners start needing tips?
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Doofus Maximus
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You don't tip contractors, and that includes carpet installers. It is always nice to offer a cool drink.
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Doofus Maximus
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You other two, take it easy. People come here to ask for tipping advice because of my tipping page at Don't get upset over it.
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