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Holiday Tipping at Assisted Living Facility

I was recently informed that the assisted facility where my mother lives is expecting residents to contribute to a holiday tipping pool for the staff. Have you ever heard of this before? What is the recommended percentage to accommodate this request? Should it be based on her monthly rent, or her monthly charge for services, or both?
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This is my opinion on the matter. You yourself are not supposed to give tips or gifts directly to employees at nursing homes or assisted living facilities, because you could end up with employees requiring tips for services, or you could have employees giving special treatment to residents and ignoring others. That is the way things do work, and in my opinion, it is the way things should work.

Now, you pay a company to provide care for your mother. That company has employees that provide the care. In my opinion, it is the company's responsibility to provide bonuses to its employees, not yours. This is just a way for the company to make more money. I think it is wrong.

That said, if you chose not to give, your protest wouldn't make the company suddenly decide to start giving bonuses to its employees. So, what is a person to do? I would probably give money to the fund, and then write a letter to the owner of the company telling him that it is his responsiblity to provide bonuses to his employees, not yours.

That gets back to your original question - how much? Well, it should always be a function of what you can afford. If it were me, I would probably give somewhere between $25-100. The place has more residents than employees, I'm sure. If half of the residents gave this amount, then every staff person would get a pretty nice tip.
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